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Mexico, journalism across fronteras, is a web community for Latino student journalists, a two-way bridge connecting the classroom and the newsroom.

I love that Borderzine focuses on the multimedia aspect of allowing those who don't live in the border region to experience the visual textures and colors of everything that people do in their daily lives via a multimedia platform.  Not everyone may be able to travel to where I live (San Diego-Tijuana border area), but anyone can appreciate the photos and videos produced by these really talented young Mexican-American journalists.

Columbia Journalism Review


"Awareness of Borderzine continues to grow with this story in Columbia Journalism Review about the five-year-old multimedia website that publishes stories about borders and assists Latino college journalists in honing their multimedia skills and landing internships and jobs in 21st century news media. Please read the well-reported story and pass it on along to friends and others who share the vision of a future where the nation’s newsrooms adequately reflect the dynamic demographic diversity of our country and the world." (Article via Zita Arocha, Borderzine, " featured in Columbia Journalism Review", March 22, 2012).

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