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Applied Memetics LLC is a professional services company dedicated to integrating and delivering best practice communication and information solutions in pre-conflict, conflict, or post-conflict areas. We create and execute strategic communications and information operations that are grounded in conceptual clarity, rigorous methodology, and on-the-ground experience.

From new media to traditional media to dynamic engineering of social networks: we exploit and leverage perceptions to create new realities on the ground. Our approach combines over sixty years of academic and applied experience in the field, and a sound understanding of business process. The partners and staff of Applied Memetics have provided solutions and insight to the Undersecretary of State for Public Diplomacy, Multi National Forces-Iraq, Fortune 500 companies, and American embassies worldwide.

The senior partners at Applied Memetics have personally witnessed the failure - often on a massive scale – of Government and commercial sector clients who fail to ignore the art and science of communication. The Applied Memetics approach seeks to deliver appropriately-themed messages and information to precise target audiences with a goal of viral message propagation and acceptance throughout an informational environment. Our approach is also our value proposition: to leverage current, best-practice technology applications and communications methodologies; to identify networks and key influencers; to deliver highly-effective themes and messages, and to incorporate measures of effectiveness (MOE) into all our services and products.

Our experience in both semi-permissive and non-permissive threat environments - and our preexisting global networks and contacts - allow us to support our clients’ communication and information needs in all environments and under all conditions. Whether boardroom or back alley – from the strategic to the tactical – Applied Memetics will provide its customers with effects-based communications solutions, linking people and networks.



Ten years after the paradigm shift of 9/11, the capacity for business enterprise, mass media consumption, and democratic governance itself are deeply affected by the changing characteristics of information- and communication-related technologies.  Public or private, today’s “post-bureaucratic” organizational structures reflect an information-rich society - one that is characterized by cheap, abundant, and easily-distributed information. Various collective action initiatives no longer require any organization at all, as previously-closed organizational boundaries are jarred open.

No longer is the hierarchy of command and control systems imposed upon the efficient flow of information across a large number of people, based on the differentiation of skill, knowledge and responsibility.  Governments and organizations today must be well-equipped to manage the information flows and information systems that are vital to protecting their national security, or defending their bottom line. 

Simultaneously, state and non-state actors around the globe face a similar major challenge: harnessing the evolution of new, pervasive and powerful information and communication technologies.  Recent unrest in the Arab world, facilitated by these same trends, has underscored the need for governments to incorporate holistic approaches to governance in an age of social media.

That’s why Applied Memetics LLC offers a full range of services from research, training and planning, to execution of information operations and metrics design/assessment.  Our goal is to help our customers understand and leverage information communication technologies in conflict or post-conflict areas of the globe.  Our staff have proven track records in overcoming the cultural barriers, security concerns, and logistical challenges of working in conflict environments and denied areas.  Our work is grounded in sociology, cognitive psychology, and information systems analysis.  In each of our projects, we define political outcomes in a variety of temporal ranges: a clearly articulated plan for achieving them; an understanding of audience receptivity and opposition levels; a clearly conceptualized delivery method; and, most importantly, a system of measuring success we call metrics.