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What we Offer

  • Technical Support to the Veterans Affairs (VA) Administration

    AM LLC provides on-site technical support for the VA's Office of Information Technology (OI&T) to identify and re-mediate existing and future vulnerabilities.

  • Capacity Building and Transition

    Applied Memetics builds capacity within nascent media environments and helps support the development of local media infrastructure.

  • Media Monitoring and Development

    Applied Memetics’ vertically-integrated media capability captures all phases of media development and distribution.

  • Media Analysis and Assesment

    Applied Memetics' media analyses define the information and media environments of interest to its clients

Our Core services

We provide the full spectrum of international media development services from content creation to strategic communications

Intelligence Collection and Analysis

Applied Memetics leverages the use of human networks and human intelligence with open-source research to collect information otherwise unavailable to the client.

Blue Force Training

Applied Memetics offers customized training to members of institutions friendly to United States and NATO interests – also known as Blue Forces – in our four critical capability areas: Intelligence Collection & Analysis, Strategic Communications & Public Diplomacy, Media Monitoring & Development, and Capacity Building & Transition Assistance.